Monday, December 22, 2008

-20 degrees

the wind chill here today was around -20 degrees. i have never felt this kind of cold before!! it is going to be a long winter!!
also, last Tuesday when I was driving home from work in the blizzard (6-8inches of snow) going about 10 mph I hit a small bump in the road and my driver's side window just fell out of my car. yes, thats right...the whole window fell out of my car. I was a little frazzled and wet and freezing! I picked Jonathan up at school and we drove (in the 18 degree weather during the snow storm) to the grocery store to buy saran wrap. Jonathan bought red saran wrap by mistake and we wrapped it around the window using mailing tape. I had to drive the windowless car to work the next morning and although the saran wrap was really loud, cold and red, it kept all the snow out and stayed on the entire day! Thankfully there is a glass and auto place right down the street from us. We were able to get the window fixed on Thursday. Needless to say it has been an interesting transition into the Chicago winter!!


Michael and Traci said...

okay - that post made me laugh out loud. i hope you are planning a trip to the beach soon!!

Jack said...

Hysterical. Glad you got that fixed. Similar to when my power windows broke in Houston in the hot! But not as bad as the snow, I'm sure.

Merry Christmas!

Kristen said...

Okay guys- really 3 months since you last wrote!?!!! Jonathan I know you can write, so step it up buddy!! Happy Bday by the way :)