Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This past weekend was great, even though I had to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday :(  Saturday night we had our first overnight guests...Missy and Andrew. Missy was in town for her sister's birthday weekend and Andrew flew in to explore Chicago with Missy and propose!! I'm sure Missy will fill everyone in on the details...but Sunday night he took her to a beautiful, quiet garden in the park and proposed. Then, they came over to our condo to meet us for dinner. It was so exciting! They were both really happy...Missy didn't stop smiling the entire night. Her ring is beautiful and so sparkly. We went to Think Cafe, a quaint american/italian restaurant and had a wonderful dinner with great food, and a yummy dessert! i forgot my camera...so i don't have any pictures. but the night was wonderful and jonathan and i felt honored to be able to celebrate with Missy and Andrew. Congrats!! Let the wedding frenzy begin!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am almost finished with my first week of orientation at the University of Chicago Medical Center. I will be working at Comer Children's Hospital on the 6th floor, which is a general and hematology/oncology pediatric floor. I could not be more excited! It is a great hospital and so far it sounds like it will be a great place to work. There are some wonderful incentives for working at the University of Chicago. For example, they will pay 100% of my tuition to go back to school and get my masters degree...anywhere I want to go! So hopefully while Jonathan is busy in law school, I will get to go back to school, but for free this time! Also this week, I have learned many interesting things about the hospital...A couple years ago Jonathan and I watched a show on the discovery channel about this woman who had a 200 lb tumor growing on her body. Because of the huge risk no doctor would remove it, but she finally found a doctor who would help her. The show documented the amazing successful surgery. It was really unbelievable!! Anyway, I watched that same documentary during orientation because....the surgery was performed at the University of Chicago!!!! You can read about it here.
In addition, I went on a bus tour of the area surrounding the hospital and got to see Muhammad Ali's house and Barack Obama's neighborhood. Those are just some random tidbits from this week...
I will start on the unit next week and have an 8 week orientation (and considering I graduated from nursing school 8 months ago...I will need every minute of it!). This week has been really busy and I am pretty exhausted. I have been at the hospital everyday from 8-5 (which means I leave our condo at 7 and don't get home til after 5). After working that schedule this week, I am really looking forward to working 12 hour shifts 3 days a week.
Jonathan's classes don't start until August 22, so he has been busy working on his thesis this week. He is getting to be the domestic husband for the next few weeks...and it has been really nice! He actually cooked dinner for me Tuesday night, and it was delicious. He cooked fresh corn on the cob, salmon with a garlic, lemon, butter sauce, and sweet potatoes. I could get use to this!
We are finally settled here and our condo is starting to feel like our home. We are so blessed!