Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This past weekend was great, even though I had to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday :(  Saturday night we had our first overnight guests...Missy and Andrew. Missy was in town for her sister's birthday weekend and Andrew flew in to explore Chicago with Missy and propose!! I'm sure Missy will fill everyone in on the details...but Sunday night he took her to a beautiful, quiet garden in the park and proposed. Then, they came over to our condo to meet us for dinner. It was so exciting! They were both really happy...Missy didn't stop smiling the entire night. Her ring is beautiful and so sparkly. We went to Think Cafe, a quaint american/italian restaurant and had a wonderful dinner with great food, and a yummy dessert! i forgot my camera...so i don't have any pictures. but the night was wonderful and jonathan and i felt honored to be able to celebrate with Missy and Andrew. Congrats!! Let the wedding frenzy begin!!!


Missy said...

ah!! thanks!! it was great to celebrate with such a sweet best friend. love you guys!! xoxo

A&L King said...


Missy said...

rach---ok, vandy beat ole miss. time for an update!